24 April 2021

The most wanted activities in Essaouira

Visiting Essaouira for the first it would be overwhelming, in a positive way… Once you walk in the old town, […]
5 March 2021

ESSAOUIRA – Why you should learn kitesurfing?

Everyone should learn kitesurfing and we will tell you why… It’s easier than it looks. We have a joke between […]
10 May 2020

Just enjoy!

Welcome to another world Only by feet, you can explore this small white city and get used to the slow […]
24 April 2020

Essaouira sunsets

Its impossible to leave Essaouira without shooting many photos of this beautiful sunsets. The ex-Mogador offers a wonderful setting for […]
14 April 2020

Kitesurfing and things you want to know about Essaouira

Only 3 hours from Europe, book a flight and discover a different world! This town ‘Medina’ known as a unique […]
11 April 2020

Essaouira has it all!

Do you enjoy exploring new places by yourself or do you love kitesurfing to the moon and back but your […]