ESSAOUIRA – Why you should learn kitesurfing?

Everyone should learn kitesurfing and we will tell you why…

It’s easier than it looks.

We have a joke between kitesurfers and windsurfers, what it’s the difference between a kitesurfer and a total beginner? It’s a WEEK… we won’t say it’s super easy to ride and do it by yourself. You should avoid that and take lessons with a professional kitesurfer that has years of teaching. After a week of practice most of the students I meet they make it happen and be independent kitesurfers

It’s a beautiful meditation

Imagine having a moment with only you and the element of Mother Nature. It’s a great way to get disconnected to be connected again, many students when I teach them, after they ride them first meters, sometimes I hear they are screaming because it’s an unforgettable moment, you get that feeling of cleaning all your stress out to the ocean and bien free.

Take lessons with a professional kitesurf instructor

That’s the secret behind learning how to kitesurf. They are some great schools with professional teachers, they should be next you and explaining carefully every step of how to be a kitesurfer, showing the spot and where is safe to start. We are happy here in Essaouira because it’s our own spot, where we know every little corner about it. Also teaching worldwide made us so good on what we love to do.

You make connection with people all over the world

2009 when I start kitesurfing, I have meet many people visiting our city Essaouira, from all over the world, after being able to teach kiteboarding and also the different languages I speak made it easier for to speak and make connections for life with a lot of beautiful open minded.