5 days kitesurfing lessons in Essaouira!

This pack is designed for complete beginners and those who already start kitesurfing a while ago but did not make it.

We always start with showing you the kite spot in Essaouira. Normally here in Essaouira most of lessons start at 11 o’clock, once the wind picks up, Anas and his team will adjust the kite equipments depends on your level.

If you are new to the sport, probably you will wonder if the first lesson will be on the beach, NOT WITH US, we go straight to the water, its safer for you and also you will learn very fast.

After learning how to setup the equipment, safety system and how to control the kite on the water, its time for for body dragging.

This step will allow you to play with the kite, in case the kite fall down, how to start it, control with one hand to be able to use the board with your free hand. All this will not take more than 5 hours of practice, it could be done from 2/3 days.

Time to try the board.

After being able to control your kite with one hand, we will definitely encourage you to go to the next step, YES, we have reached the point and let’s have a ride.

Waterstart, a dream of every beginner who want to enjoy his first meters for the first time. In this step we will take time time to give you every important information about how to get the balance between your kite and your body. WE GARANTIE YOU WILL RIDE YOUR FIRST METERS.

We know that feeling and we want you to experience it!

You will be more motivated after riding your first meters with the board, its sounds easy, but we are pretty sure, we both can make it.

This 5 days kitesurfing lessons in Essaouira, we do recommend to take a semi private or a private pack, the learning will go faster and you don’t need to share equipment with someone else.

Can’t wait to share this magical experience with you all!

Greetings from sunny Essaouira