The most wanted activities in Essaouira

Visiting Essaouira for the first it would be overwhelming, in a positive way… Once you walk in the old town, many street would look somehow the same. The chance to get lost is something normal here for you first day. You won’t have to worry at all, this laid back town has been a great exemple of tolerance and diversity.

From your first day you will notice that this small town has its own charme, walking by the local shops, where your attentions will be taken with all the souvenirs you may take back home.

Some of what people should try after visiting Essaouira!

  1. Explore the fish market and the port:

Essaouira has been Morocco’s main fishing port since the mid-20th century, and both the port and the market are a must for your visit list. Admire the authenticity of your surroundings and relax in peace as you realise what makes this city so famous. Choose either to go there early morning to see how the locals gets in and sell them catch of the day, or sunset time if you want to take some great photos.

2. Moulay Hassan square:

Between the port of Essaouira and the medina lies the square lined with old trees. Here you can visit cafés and (fish) restaurants. Not far from the square, choose a place where to sit and drink your tea and enjoy the view, kids are playing while all the local singers are making the atmosphere soo worthy to watch.

3. Go for a quad tour:

Whatever its suits morning or afternoon, in between, our favorite time of the day to go for a tour on the beach is sunset. The tours are made on the second beach, its the other side of the beach of Essaouira, riding between dunes and the forest is just another adrenaline, note that during the sunset time gets a bit chilly.

Essaouira after all and beside kitesurfing, its a great place to visit specially if you already discovered other Moroccan towns, this place is completely different than for exemple the Medina of Marrakesh, Fès…welcome to our world.