Morocco’s Windy City, just enjoy!

Only by feet, you can explore this small white & blue city and get used to the slow rythme of Essaouira.

As maybe many travelers have already visited the city of Marrakesh and experienced the vibes out there, many of them have been saying that Essaouira Is a completely a different world.

Seagulls are waiting for them catch of the day!
The port of Essaouira

You can not visit Essaouira without taking the time to take a walk on its magnificent beach along the Atlantic Ocean. It’s just nice to relax and let the sand slide between our toes while the sunset starts its show. We stopped at one of the terraces with a perfect view of the sea and spent a few hours simply basking in the sun and sipping a delicious fresh orange juice and mint tea of course!

What to see and what to do in Essaouira!

The fishing port of Essaouira: one could not visit the city of Essaouira without discovering its port. It is one of the places that knows the most animation and life. It must be said that a large part of the local economy revolves around fishing. It is therefore a great moment when the boats return to the port. The fish is then sold at auction and the show really deserves that you linger there. In this setting, a daily swarm of seagulls come for lunch. On the docks you can also see wooden boats built according to traditional techniques and procedures. It is only in Essaouira that one can attend and participate in this kind of spectacle.

The skala of the kasbah: is the small path that you will take to get to the medina (old city). It is a narrow street with a vaulted passage, which will give you an illusion of magic. It is important to know that the fortifications you will see at this level were intended to protect the city in the past from attacks from the sea.
The medina of Essaouira: here we are and you will inevitably find yourself on the Moulay Hassan square. You can’t miss it, it’s the most lively square of the city with all its cafes and shops. After that, do not hesitate to borrow its small streets, randomly, according to your desires. You will see that each stone conceals incredible secrets that you will take pleasure in deciphering.