Kitesurfing and things you want to know about Essaouira

Only 3 hours from Europe, book a flight and discover a different world!

This town ‘Medina’ known as a unique paradise in Morocco, generally travelers view Essaouira has more charming, romantic, and poetic with true Moroccan vibes.

Essaouira nicknamed with the Africa’s windy city, make the water sports and specially Kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing one of the best places worldwide.

As every year, the wind blows here almost every day, with its long sandy beach make the view sensational! if you look for peace and beauty, take a walk on the beach by foot or horses/camels, it’s a must for everyone to feel such a great atmosphere Essaouira bay has to offer.

It’s full of surprises this place.

If you are heading from the beach to the old town, sometimes its gets too windy and it will be challenging to walk, specially if you do some kite sessions! But the funny thing, many visitors they don’t notice that a small blue taxi make is easier to move around and cost only 7dhs (less than one euro). NOTE: The taxi can be taken only outside of the old town.

Once you are in the Medina, just switch off your phone and get lost…First impression this city making you feel automatically so safe, you can spend hours wondering without noticing through the tiny colorful street. All visitors have agreed that is the favorite old town in Morocco.

Go to the harbor and eat a lot of fresh fish

Essaouira is a sea food lover’s paradise!

If you ask anyone about Essaouira, the first thing will everyone say is to go to the harbor, pick up some fresh fish and around there you will find restaurants, they cook it for you and serve it with a salade and bread. This will cost you around 30 dhs / 3 euros.

Sardines, crabs, different kind of fishes will full your energy for another walk through the laid back vibes.