• Expert instructors :

    ANANAS KITESURFING is known for its instructors who have all had advanced training and are passionate about passing on their knowledge to you.

  • personalized lessons :

    Teams’ primary goal is to facilitate safe and highly personalized lessons; our success program leaves no KITER dangling…

  • Top equipement :

    The only school in Essaouira using Core Kites, a leading-edge kite-boarding brand from Germany.




get ready !

1. Lesson

During 2 hours on the beach, we will teach you everything you need to get ready for the water; you will learn how to fly the kite, all the safety procedures and how to set up the equipment. This lesson is the first step in learning kitesurfing, and is intended for those who are new to the sport, and you won’t even get tired! But don’t worry; there is still action, and a lot of more to come!

get wet !

2. Lesson

Let’s get wet! Before going to the water we will do quick refreshment about setting-up the kite and safety. After this lesson you will be able to start and steer the kite on the water in different zones of the Wind window, “Body-Drag”.

control !

3. Lesson

.After understanding how it works with the kite on the water, we will teach you this time how to manage controlling both Kite & Board and body-drag upwind. After this you will be able to control; body, kite, board; are you ready for your first meters? No worries Ananas will stand there on your side helping you!!…

let's ride!

4. Lesson

Let’s ride together! In this lesson your wish becomes true, our instructions will make you be able to ride at least in one side and yes you can!!!


5. Lesson

Let’s improve your skills and push you to the next level with learning up-wind, to have a ride in safe way with a lot of confidence! We made it together!